Narcissus Bulb Fly - Merodon

Mark Smyth
Tue, 30 Oct 2007 11:31:06 PDT
hi all

here in the Uk they fly from the end of May to maybe the first week in July. Flying is weather dependant and only happens on dry sunny days. The adult doesn't know what size of bulb the grubs will eat. I've seen them in bulbs the size of a large bulbocodium type right up to the largest Narcissus bulb. It's the dying leaves they look for so there is no point hiding the bulbs with dying leaves. The adults like to sun bathe on rocks and large leaves. Thats the best time to swat them especially when a male swoops in for a rough and tumble with a female. For protection I'm using an organo phosphate once a week. I spray all leaves from the end of April. Systemic insecticides like Provado should work provided you start spraying about six weeks in advance to allow the bulbs to soak up the pesticide. I now have lots of photos so if you want to see them email me

The Narcissus fly should be renamed Amaryllid fly as the go for the whole family

N Ireland

We've talked about this in the past. Dave Karnstedt provided a lot of 
information since it was a problem for him with all the Narcissus he grew 
so a search of the archives would provide more comments. We know it occurs 
in Ireland since the link on the wiki to the picture of the fly and a close 
up of the larva if from Mark Smyth and since he writes about Galanthus, 
this must be a genus they like too.

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