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Mon, 29 Oct 2007 09:05:11 PDT
On 25 Oct 07, at 20:53, James Waddick wrote:

> 	Crocus speciosum  is almost done. I think this is 'Oxonian' - 
> the immense flowers on skimpy floral tubes get blown over in our 
> winds. They look sort of ethereal popping up here and there.

The various cultivars of C. speciosus in commerce these days are, 
afaict, hopelessly mixed up, both with one another and with unnamed 
seedlings. Years ago I used to order 'Oxonian', 'Artabir', and other 
cultivars, but what come up was always a mix, mostly a sort of mid-
blue that is more or less the type. Once in a while, there'd be one 
or two bulbs in a shipment that stood out for their dark flower; 
perhaps these were the true cultivars but I felt it was a fool's 
errand to try to segregate them.

Does anyone reading have (or know of) a collection of true-to-name 
Crocus speciosus cultivars?

All C. speciosus have "skimpy floral tubes [that] get blown over." 
It's a vice of the species. The only way to combat wind damage is to 
grow them under something that offers a mass of fine twiggy growth to 
support the frail tubes.

> 	Another palest blue, smaller crocus is in bloom. Label is 
> lost, but I should try to key out the species, at least.

Possibly C. salzmanii.


Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Maritime Zone 8, a cool Mediterranean climate

on beautiful Vancouver Island

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