eating tulip bulbs, , eremurus, etc.

Adam Fikso
Tue, 30 Oct 2007 08:49:09 PDT
I'm with Jim Mckenney on this.  I've never seen a reference to actually 
eating them other than "they look good enough to eat"  I do have a personal 
recollection from a Dutch economist who used to bicycle for  miles to gather 
them from abandoned  bulb fields during the famines of WWII. He said that if 
they were not boiled for at least 2 hours  and the water drained off 
periodiclaly , one got terrible griping diarrhea from eating them.  But they 
were better than bark from trees.

  Eremurus might not ship very well, because the tuberous fleshy roots are 
fragile and not strongly connected to the central axis.  I remember getting 
a shipment from Turkmenistan which were all rotted due to breakage of the 
roots from the central axis.  They had been about 18" across before they 
broke. I'd be interested to know how such a geophyte could be packed for 
intercontinental shipment without damage.  Or are only smaller ones usually 

And thanks, Diana for what I iwll regard as a definitive answer to the 
shrinking Hippeastrum bulbs.  And I'm wondering why I didn't figure it out 
for myself. I tried for years:-- wasn't observant I guess ,or there was a 
cerebral disconnect between the eyes and the frontal lobe.  Might try it 
again.  And give them substantially more nourishment this time.  Adam in 
Glenview, IL, USDA Zone 5a, where maybe it'll only be a 7a equivalent  this 
year and a couple of Zantedeschias will come through the winter again. 

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