aaron floden
Mon, 01 Oct 2007 13:39:51 PDT
Hello Mark and everyone,
 I have looked over the Allium in question briefly
after classes and can say that bracteoles are present
on the individual pedicles but are deciduous and
easily shed. The spathe is two valved and persistent.
The bracteoles are ovate acuminate to lanceolate and
about 2mm long. The best description of what they look
like that I can think of is dried glue peeled off your
skin. Just search around in the umbel once more
flowers open. Still no help narrowing down the

 Not sure how easy they are to spot on other species
as  most have finished blooming or are yet to bloom,
the Chinense group .

 All the best, 


--- Alani Davis <> wrote:

they are
> "secondary bracts".
> Bracteoles that I deal with are a secondary series
> of bracts and are at
> least relatively smaller.  I
> don't know about their presents in Allium either,
> but thin tissued
> bracteoles tend to dry up fast as soon as the umbel
> expands- Could they be
> "dissappearing" or shed? finding the answer to the
Allium question.

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