Subject listings - locations - GOOD LUCK

James Waddick
Wed, 31 Oct 2007 06:10:39 PDT
>For the most part members of this group are good about using botanical
>names when we discuss our bulbs.
>Please change subject headings when you change the topic

Dear Mary Sue,

	Some of the corespondents on this list still won't give us 
their locations (although it has gotten much better lately) so I 
ignore the comments about how a plant grows 'here', when they won't 
tell us where "here' is.

	Getting people to stay on topic is as unlikely as getting 
people to tell us their location and even their name sometimes.

	How a about a little more web etiquette and telling us all 
your name, location  and stay on topic in every message.?

	But I agree with you that it is a good idea to stay on topic 
and change the subject line, when you change the topic of the 
message. We all have lapses, but we should all try harder.

		Best	Jim W.
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