[SPAM] Re: Source of Eremurus spp.

brent hine brent.hine@ubc.ca
Tue, 30 Oct 2007 08:31:47 PDT
I'm curious if anyone has experimented with some of the other Eremerus 
species which appear in seed lists
from time to time.  I currently grow E. inderiensis and E. korshinskyi 
(among the less well known ones)
but they are yet too small to flower.
I have several more (cristatus, fuscus etc) growing in small pots not 
yet ready to plant out. 
Here in the rainy Pacific northwest, they grow in sandy loam on a 
steep,  west-facing slope,
and seem love the extra drainage and summer warmth.

Brent Hine
E.H. Lohbrunner Alpine Garden
UBC Botanical Garden
Vancouver, BC Canada

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