What promotes blooming?

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Wed, 10 Oct 2007 11:59:06 PDT
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> While adequate moisture is certainly a key factor in getting Crinum to 
> bloom, I think that, in the garden, two other factors are also very 
> important:  1)  size; and 2) settling in.


But.......Is it just coincidental that whatever critical factors (age, settling in, etc.) just "happened" to coincide with the natural rainfall?

Perhaps yes, perhaps no.

It rained, a day passed, then *boom*, the scape appeared overnight. 

> Robert, where are you located?  It seems to me like it was Texas, but my 
> recall seems to have been recalled in the last few years!

I hear that. ;-).
I'm in North Carolina, west of Charlotte, zone 7b.


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