Janis Ruksans

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Mon, 08 Oct 2007 11:26:20 PDT
Jim McKenney's account of the speaking tour of Janis Ruksans indicates 
another benefit (in addition to the seed exchange and, dare I mention it, 
the quarterly magazine) of belonging to the North AMerican Rock Garden 
Society. Each year NARGS sponsors two or three touring speakers, often from 
abroad, who present programs at regional chapter meetings. The chapters are 
responsible only for hosting the speakers and paying a small fee. Most 
chapters welcome non-members as guests, without charge, but if this benefit 
is to continue, the Society needs to reverse its decline in membership; 
unlike the AGS, NARGS doesn't have a large endowment that can be used for 
all of its activities. Its major endowment fund is restricted to a few 

There are enough of us active at the upper levels of NARGS who have a 
special interest in bulbs that the Society frequently sponsors 
bulb-oriented events, and naturally the Rock Garden Quarterly (which I 
edit) is very welcoming to articles on geophytes.

I know many of you are also NARGS members, and encourage others to visit 
the website, http://www.nargs.org/. We'd particularly like to see a regional 
chapter arise in southern California, where rock gardening in the broad 
sense is really important given the water situation.

Best regards,
Jane McGary

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