Scilla/Oncostema peruviana
Tue, 23 Oct 2007 16:53:51 PDT
On 20 Oct 07, at 9:04, Mary Sue Ittner wrote:

> This plant has a reputation for sometimes skipping a year (or more). I 
> think we talked about this in the past and this was true for some and not 
> for others  which is the response you are getting this time as well. You 
> could check the archives. I think mine bloomed more reliably with hotter 
> summers than they do here where they sometimes skip more than a year. And I 
> expect that my trees are providing too much shade as well. In our climate 
> they have a brief dormancy in late summer. Last year they bloomed for the 
> first time in awhile. So if it is too hot for them in Taiwan, it may be too 
> cool for them in coastal Northern California and just right for them in 
> Southern California and New York.

Mine flower reliably. They're planted a few feet out from a south-
facing wall. Heavy soil, saturated for most of the winter and bone 
dry in summer. Air temperatures here rarely go above 70F. Not what 
you'd call a warm climate.

It may be significant that they are right next to a concrete walk; it 
is possible that sufficient lime leaches from the concrete to be a 
factor in the performance of my Scilla peruviana. However, THIS IS A 
STAB IN THE DARK, so please don't run around telling everyone that 
Scilla peruviana is a lime-lover.

Does anyone grow the supposed white-flowered S.p? And if so, is it 
any good, or is it a so so affair like so many other albinos?

Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Maritime Zone 8, a cool Mediterranean climate

on beautiful Vancouver Island

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