Glen Pace
Fri, 19 Oct 2007 06:26:36 PDT
Hi All,

One thing I have not seen mentioned in this thread is that some Eucomis are hardy as far north as USDA zone 5b.  I purchased three varieties from Ellen Hornig of Seneca Hill Perennials two years ago and all three have made it through two of our winters where temperatures dip into the negative teens on a regular basis.  We do have a rather reliable snow cover that helps insulate the bulbs but no other protection has been provided to them.  They are planted in fast draining sandy loam in full sun among Hemmerocallis and have bloomed without hesitation.  For those living in the colder climates that enjoy the Eucomis but dislike having to store the bulbs for winter, Ellen's selections are a way to have the best of both worlds.

I also have others that are kept in pots and used on the patio for their summer interest.  These pots are being dried out on a covered patio at this time for winter storage.  The pots are stored in a cold bedroom at 50-55 F for the entire winter with no water being given to the pots.  I have kept all the potted Eucomis this way for more than 15 years with no ill effects.   

Glen Pace
Pace Gardens
Clio, MI  USA
USDA zone 5b  (Where nine tornados and a much needed deluge occurred last night.  Thank goodness for the covered patio that protects the pots of bulbs drying for winter storage.) 

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