propagating Eucomis by leaf cuttings
Tue, 16 Oct 2007 17:59:57 PDT
I've grown Eucomis vandermerwei from leaf cuttings, nothing overly special  
was required other than patience.  I cut them in sections, placed them in a  
well drained sterile mix of perlite and potting mix after dipping the lower ends 
 in rooting powder, and placed them under fluorescent lights in a ziplock  
bag.  I don't remember how long it took (it was not quick) but eventually  baby 
plantlets appeared.  I suspect small bulblets appear first, then  grow out. 
Ernie DeMarie in Tuckahoe NY, zone 6/7.  Waiting to see if the  well budded 
single flowered confederate rose (Hibiscus mutabilis) plant in my  garden at 
the school where I teach will open before it gets too cold. Gloxinia  
nematanthodes 'Evita' from Plant Delights is in full bloom in that garden and in  a pot 
at home, a really stunning plant!

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