James Waddick
Mon, 29 Oct 2007 20:59:48 PDT
Dear All,
	I am surprised that no one has mentioned Brent and Becky's 
bulbs even in passing 
They have a variety of species and hybrids.

	I grow just E. stenophyllus which is a no-brainer here. It 
multiplies well and blooms every year (well almost, not this year) 
and never get special attention.

	The best plants I ever saw were along the road outside of 
Dodge City KS on the way to the mis-named Garden City KS. In this 
spot they self  sowed with abandon and appeared in a variety of 
colors. Almost weedy. Of course Dodge City (the old west and original 
'Boot Hill') are in the short grass prairie. Hot and dry in summer 
probably mimics the steppes of Asia.

	Any one ever try Brent and Becky's "Spring Hill Hybrids'?

		Best 	Jim W.

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