Scilla/Oncostema peruviana

Wed, 24 Oct 2007 01:24:13 PDT
Dear Rodger,

In our area (fairly close the place of origin of the species) Scilla
peruviana flowers reliably every year in the ground (lime soil) However, in
pots flowering dimishes to zero over the years.  We also grow  the alba
form, a light pale bleu and a creamy yellow forms.  All do just as well and
flower as easily, as the orignal bleu form.
 You can see the pictures in our website.
Greetings from France (where a most unusual drought continues)

Lauw de Jager
South of France (zone 8 Olivier)
Coord. Geogr.(GPS): 43°42' 43" N     4° 32' 12" E

25mm in september)

> Does anyone grow the supposed white-flowered S.p? And if so, is it
> any good, or is it a so so affair like so many other albinos?  Rodger Whitlock

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