Mystery Hippeastrum

Warren Glover
Sun, 07 Oct 2007 16:51:46 PDT
Hi Diana,
               I have photos of many species Hipp flowers that Len Doran 
took of his collection. I'm fairly certain your plant is a hybrid.
               It has the appearance of a combination of H.aulicum [the 
green stripe on the segments and the intense red but not strictly aulicum 
shape] and H.papilio [papilio shape and the intensification of the red 
colouration with papilio purple/brown]. Your mentioning that the segments 
tend to close over is a papilio feature that is reminiscent of the butterfly 
after which papilio is named.
                Anyone else agree or disagree?
Warren Glover
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> Diana's mystery Hippeastrum is now on the Mystery Wiki page.
> I've not a clue Diana, but it sure is pretty.
> Linda Foulis
> Okotoks, AB
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