Pink Rhodophiala bifida bloom time in SE Texas

patty allen
Thu, 06 Sep 2007 18:54:11 PDT
Dear Jim and Erin,
If you will go to my website:, I think I have 2 photos of the pinks. One of a variety of colors in a community pot and a photo of an individual bulb blooming. They are something to see!! Maybe I can put up 2-3 photos on the PBS website in a day or two.
Thanks for your comments,

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>I can only imagine the beauty of that many Rhodophiala blooming at the same
>time!  I have been feeling blessed that 10 of my 20 are in their glory.
>Our weather is anything but cool, however we had a good bit of rain last
>Jim and Erin Grace
>Thomasville, GA  
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