24-8-16= Success.

rdjenkins rdjenkins@bellsouth.net
Thu, 27 Sep 2007 14:47:35 PDT
Thank-you PBS-list in general, but specifically Lee Poulsen and others who discussed fertilizer formulations in the list. I don't know if this is the post that started it all for me, but it is one: http://pacificbulbsociety.org/pbslist/old.php/… . 

Since I don't mix my own fertilizer, I found a famous-name commercial formulation (with minors) that was close to the original  21-5-12. I switched to it exclusively this spring and generally used a weak solution one very heaping scoop from the small end of the provided spoon) with every watering (except when I was rushed, then it was pure H2O.)

I swear by this formula now and until I get some 21-5-12 with minors. I have never seen such phenomenal growth before. More leaves formed than when using 15-30-15 or 20-20-20. Even the attached offsets have as many leaves as the motherbulb and not one bulb has lost any girth. All have flourished and exceeding previous growth patterns using other fertilizers. I just didn't believe it when I read that some large-flowered type could produce as many as 14 leaves a season, but I do now. I know when I get more scapes and multiples from large bulbs this year, I will again remember why: I read it here!

I guess I'm glad I didn't switch to Alberto's medium mix with crushed granite (etc.) or I might be shouting my joy with way too much use of the exclamation mark. Maybe next season.....

Thanks again!


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