Rhodophyela bifida & Lycoris radiata planting depth

Bulbargence dejager@bulbargence.com
Sat, 08 Sep 2007 05:56:07 PDT
 Rhodophiala bifida and Lycoris radiata (and chinense) are both in flower
here in the ground When lifiçtng bulbs to sellI have some interesting
observations about the planting depth. When planted Rhodophiala shallow
50-100mm (2-4")  it always pulls itself down to 150-200mm (6-8") to reach
cool and humid layers. Lycoris radiata, I just find out, does exactly the
contrary:  they were planted at 75-100mm (3-4") and now whenpulling them up
all have formed a secondary bulb at the level of 30-50mm (1-2")
One never stops learning!

Lauw de Jager
South of France (zone 8 Olivier)
Coord. Geogr.(GPS): 43°42' 43" N     4° 32' 12" E

Jim Shields:
> Rhodophiala bifida must need fairly extreme conditions to bloom.   They
> probably need hot summers and cold winters, neither of which Mary Sue has
> at her current home.
> We have some Lycoris radiata radiata here too, that survive and sometimes
> bloom, but definitely do not thrive outdoors in the ground.  The diploid
> form of L. radiata does not survive here.

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