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Jim McKenney
Tue, 04 Sep 2007 11:42:33 PDT
This morning I was thinking that any day now colchicum should start to
bloom. So I went around the garden checking likely spots - and I had a nasty

Colchicum have been blooming - and crickets have been eating them as fast as
they appear. The only thing left are stubs: eventually these are lifted into
view by the growth of the perianth tube. 

It's been so dry this year we will probably have a bumper crop of crickets.
I still haven't forgotten the undulating black carpet of crickets which
covered the late summer ground in Texas when I was there years ago. 

We have grasshoppers this year, too. 

I'm not happy. 

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where bottle gentians have
started to bloom. 

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