Pink Rhodophiala bifida bloom time

Diana Chapman
Wed, 05 Sep 2007 11:25:29 PDT
Hi Lee:

Yes mine do the same thing, although I have two different clones of the pink 
R. bifida, and one has already bloomed, while the other is just sending up 
buds.  Honestly, I can't see why the pink one is called R. bifida, since it 
seems quite a bit different from the red one in form, being much smaller and 
daintier, tepals more pointed, striated, etc., but I call it R. bifida Pink 
Form because everyone else does.  The other clone I have was collected from 
the Buenos Aires region and is also a slightly darker pink - this is the one 
that blooms earlier.

Telos Rare Bulbs

> Along with some oporanthous bulbs such as a Lycoris x albiflora that is
> slightly tinged with a hint of pink, and several Amaryllis (or possibly
> Amarygias) of various colors, I had all of my pink Rhodophiala bifidas
> bloom the past couple of weeks and none of the red ones have bloomed
> (yet), including those in a large pot of mixed colors (reds and pinks)
> from seeds I think Alberto Castillo sent out to a BX a number of years
> ago. Does anyone know why that might be?
> (Especially since almost all of the pink ones have now wilted, possibly
> because of this ridiculous heat wave we've had that ended this morning.
> Yet there isn't even a sign of scape tips emerging from the red
> flowered ones. Thus, the red blooming will be separated from the pink
> blooming by a month or even more.)
> --Lee Poulsen
> Pasadena, California, USDA Zone 10a

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