Lycoris aurea var. surgens ??

James Waddick
Tue, 04 Sep 2007 07:21:28 PDT
Dear Adam et al,
	This is an interesting species. According to the best I can 
find, this species is endemic to Upper Burma and like all ssp of L. 
aurea sub- tropical in growth demands. In my experience and 
understanding all L. aurea are extremely frost tender and if the 
winter green  foliage (which is the most succulent in the genus) is 
exposed to even light freezes it will collapse and bloom is 

	I think that anyone growing a plant with this label and in 
your Zonel has a misidentified plant.

	Your " L. a surgens"  could be any of various yellow flowered 
species - the most likely is of course L. chinensis, or L. longituba 
var  flava or a hybrid of these two.

	The true L. aurea has the remains of its leaf bases still 
prominent at the base of the scape.
	Leaves produced in autumn.
	Leaves are the largest of any species over 2 feet long, 1 
inch wide and distinctly succulent.

	Does this fit your plant?

	Few people are able to bloom the true species north of Zone 8 or 9.

	Best		Jim W.

>   I note that L. aurea v. surgens, however is setting seed.

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