Hardy Rhodophiala

J.E. Shields jshields@indy.net
Thu, 13 Sep 2007 08:07:23 PDT
Hi all,

My pot of Rhodophiala bifida are blooming now.  The ones in the ground may 
have disappeared.  Since Rhodophiala bifida seems to be somewhat hardy 
outdoors year-round here in USDA zone 5, I've become more interested in the 
other forms of Rhodophiala. With limited greenhouse space, I'm always 
looking for unusual bulbs that can take our weather here outdoors.

I got the bulbs in summer 2000 from Rod Barton of Hickory Creek, Texas. I 
planted a few in a pot and the rest in two spots outdoors. Those planted in 
a raised scree bed on the east side of my house did not survive the first 

The bulbs planted out in a bed on the southeast side of some big red cedars 
survived and bloomed for at least 5 years. I'm not sure they bloomed last 
year, and there is no sign of them so far this season. Their spot is being 
overgrown by a large clump of Iris sanguinea, and that could have 
contributed to their decrease or disappearance.

Some Lycoris radiata radiata were planted at the same time beside the bulbs 
near the cedar trees, and they continue to survive. I don't recall them 
blooming last year, but they too have been blooming most years since 
planted. The Iris sanguinea haven't gotten to these Lycoris yet.

I'll watch both spots for new foliage this winter.

I'd be interested in getting more bulbs of R. bifida from the colder parts 
of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, etc., to try in other spots around my 
gardens. We could probably find something to trade, or I could purchase. 
Contact me privately at <jshields@indy.net> if you have some to offer.

The pot of Rod's R. bifida bulbs (my number 1050) are still going strong, 
and put up a couple scapes this week even though they badly need repotting. 
I have one bloom on supposedly diploid R. bifida as well, and I'll try some 
cross pollination between these two accession of Rhodophiala bifida.

Does anyone else have Rhodophiala (bifida or otherwise) surviving outdoors 
in zones 5 or 6? Please let us hear from you!

Best wishes,
Jim Shields
in central Indiana (USA)

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