Cyclamen hederifolium planting depth

Thu, 20 Sep 2007 23:00:44 PDT
Allthough I am in a much milder climat  (we get frost down to -8° 18F)  I
never put  more  then 2-3 cm (1") of soil on it. Otherwise  the tubesr make
a kind of  "stem" to get to the surface. If any doubt put a good layer of
mulch, compost etc on it
I agree with John that C pseudibericum  is a  hardy and and most
recommendable species.  I grow it here like C hederifolium, but   a dark
pink  mid winter flowering

Lauw de Jager
South of France (zone 8 Olivier)
Coord. Geogr.(GPS): 43°42' 43" N     4° 32' 12" E

> C. pseudibericum grows well outside here and is seeding around
> gently in the garden, so is certainly worth a try outside.

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