Rhodophiala bifida seed

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I have never used the floatation method on either the reds nor pink oxbloods. After I get a goodly amount harvested and cured out for 4-5 days, I use regular potting soil and sprinkle the little seeds over on top of the soil. I then add about 1"-1 /12" soil over the seeds, tamp down firmly and water in with a fine mist until the soil is good and saturated.Place in bright shade and and keep moist. Before long you will have a sea of little green shoots coming up.
I have a very good rate of germination with this method.
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>I don't float my Amaryllid seed any more, since I found it too labor 
>intensive to transplant the seedlings.  Now I put them in damp vermiculite 
>in a plastic bag kept at room temperature, and get very good even 
>germination.  I then just dump the entire contents of the bag on top of the 
>potting medium as soon as the radical starts to emerge.  The seedlings that 
>I floated also used to suffer to some degree from transplanting shock, which 
>is not a problem germinating them in vermiculite.
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>> It maybe wishful thinking but I have a Rhodolphiala in
>> bloom and I hope it will produce seed. Has anyone
>> tried floating Rhodolphiala seeds on water to get
>> germination? I have had good luck with Zephyranthes
>> and Sprekelia seed treated this way but I expect to
>> have only a few seeds if any and want to do the best
>> for them.
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