Gummint Snoopiness
Wed, 12 Sep 2007 16:12:12 PDT
On 12 Sep 07, at 22:22, JamieV. wrote:

> The current situation is much more to do with control of all
> transaction between otherwise free peoples and control as much of
> their daily intercourse as possible, end of subject. (or is it? 
> Who is benefiting from these controls?.  Not you and me) 

My guess is marketing wonks. Once the gummint tracks all our doings, 
comings, goings, and periods of stasis, the info will be released to 
corporate marketers. "In the interests of the economy" is a likely 
justification. I don't think the usual tired excuse "to protect the 
children" will quite work in this case, but the depths to which 
marketers will descend are, of course, unlimited, so we may yet once 
again be afflicted with it.

To veer back on subject: bulbs in flower chez moi: Cyclamen 
hederifolium, C. intaminatum; Acis autumnalis; Colchicum 
bornmuelleri, C. corsicum, C. byzantinum, C. b. album, and other 
Colchicums; Lycoris sprengeri; Amaryllis belladonna; various Crinums 
of uncertain identity.

The crocosmias are down to just a few scattered flowers. No sign yet 
of operanthous crocuses.

Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
"Outside of dogs, books are man's best friend;
   inside dogs, it's too dark to read."
               -----Groucho Marx

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