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Kenneth Hixson khixson@nu-world.com
Mon, 17 Sep 2007 20:07:46 PDT
Hi, All
    Lee wrote:
 >Has anyone considered this for new plant (or bulb) species?

    David Austen auctioned off the right to name a number of his new
English shrub roses.  In at least a few instances, the money was donated
to charity.  He writes of one couple "winning" the auction, and naming
the rose for their daughter who had died.

    In the Rose Hybridizers group, there have been at least a couple people
offering to buy the right to name a new rose--no color or type specified.
There was a small discussion about whether or not this was an acceptable/
desirable thing or not--from the hybridizer's standpoint.

    So, yes, it happens.  Whether or not someone would sell the rights to
something they value highly, is debatable--hybridizers will usually fight
(file lawsuits in court) to keep their name associated with their 
Probably very few of the plants so named ever make it to market, partly
because they are good, but not quite good enough, and partly because
it usually needs an organization promoting a new plant, and individuals
usually do not have the experience or money to market a new plant.
Thus, the name ends up cluttering up lists, but not markets.

    Jim Waddick mentioned the orchid genera Dracula--well, one botanist
with a sense of humor named a species vampira--Dracula vampira.
So, one of the clones of this species was of course named Bela Lugosi,
Dracula vampira 'Bela Lugosi'.  I believe there was another clone
named in similar fashion, but I've forgotten.....


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