Amaryllis Belladonna!!!

arlen jose
Fri, 07 Sep 2007 09:06:32 PDT
Hello All,

Last year William (Bill) Welch of  Bill the Bulb Baron of Carmel Valley,
offered huge bulbs Amaryllis Belladonna which I planted in my garden. I
figured "what the heck, I'll give them another shot. Prior to this, I tried
to grow them from the Dutch Bulb offerings that are usually found in the
garden centers and nurseries in my area...big disappointment. They generally
offer small shriveled and in shock bulbs that just wither away and go off to
bulb heaven within a couple of seasons. Well...this year I was soooo happy
to see a small pink scape poking up out of the ground that I hobbled (due to
a back injury) to the garden and almost squealed with happiness. Luckily I
didn't or the neighbors would have called the cops or thought two cat were
at it again in the garden. The scape is growing slowly but it is about a
foot (about 30cm) tall and still growing. This is the first and hopefully
not the last time this beautiful bulb flowers.

Warm Regards,
Fred Biasella
Cambridge (Boston) MA
USDA Zone 6B

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