Cyclamen hederifolium planting depth

aaron floden
Thu, 20 Sep 2007 12:18:00 PDT
 I had C.pseudibericum winter in Kansas for three
years. It started as a single seedling from the
Archibalds highest altitude collection after I dumped
the two year old un-germinated pot. The tuber was
quarter-sized after 3 years and is now planted in the
garden here in TN. Purpurascens was by far the best in
Kansas, and seems content here so far also.
Hederifolium was always iffy in Kansas living about 2
years on average. Coum I got to bloom once, but always
died in early spring or summer.

  Aaron Floden
 Knoxville, TN

--- John T Lonsdale <> wrote:

> Just FYI - C. pseudibericum grows well outside here
> and is seeding around
> gently in the garden, so is certainly worth a try
> outside.

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