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Rhoda and Cameron McMaster africanbulbs@haznet.co.za
Sat, 08 Sep 2007 10:44:13 PDT
Its spring in the Western Cape and our Indigenous Bulb Grower's Association (IBSA) has been arranging a number of excursions to view the flowers.  Today it was my turn to host them on a visit to the farm Fairfield near the town of Napier where I live.  This farm has been well preserved and has elements of both sandstone (Fynbos) and shale derived soils (Renosterveld), so there is a wide variety of bulbs and other species.  Today the weather was fine and there was a lot in flower.  The list below of what we saw is just a snapshot of the flolwers today - a week ago there were other species out and in the weeks ahead there will be many more species flowering.  Moraea elegans occurs only on this farm and M melonops is confined to this region and is quite rare - but very common on Fairfield.  The Gladiolus rudis was a magnificent sight to see.  We wish you could join us on these excursions.

      Fairfield check list 
      Aristea africana 
      Aristea spiralis 
      Aristea teretifolia 
      Geissorhiza inflexa 
      Geissorhiza ovata 
      Gladiolus bullatus 
      Gladiolus debilis 
      Gladiolus gracilis 
      Gladiolus hirsutus 
      Gladiolus liliaceus 
      Gladiolus rudis 
      Ixia - another two species 
      Ixia stricta  
      Moraea angusta 
      Moraea elegans 
      Moraea fergusoniae 
      Moraea fugacissima 
      Moraea gawleri 
      Moraea melonops 
      Moraea melonops x fugacissima hybrid 
      Moraea papilionacea 
      Romulea dichotama 
      Romulea flava 
      Romulea hirta var cooperi 
      Romulea rosea 
      Sparaxis grandiflora 
      Eucomis regia 
      Lachenalia lutea 
      Spiloxene capensis 
      Wurmbea minima 
      Bartholina burmanniana 
      Disperis villosa 
      Pterygodium caffrum 
      Pterygodium catholicum 
      Satyrium species 

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