Theories - Late Summer bulbs(Lycoris), rain etc.?

James Waddick
Sat, 01 Sep 2007 14:54:38 PDT
Dear Friends,
	So much for theories, plans and vagaries of nature.

	I wrote earlier about my theory I'd see abundant secondary 
/late bloom on Lycoris following a good rain. We did get a 1/2 inch 
here and there, but not enough (still) to really soak in.

	Lycoris squamigera had a second flush. The first bloom was 
meager and about 1/2 the usual height. The second flush was 
-..well..... Where I had 7 stalks earlier at 1/2 height, here came 27 
new stalks at less than 1/4 height; barely an inch or two above 
ground and elongating to 4 inches. Very odd looking.
	No improvement on Lycors chinensis, longituba or other hybrids except -
	L. caldwelli. One spot that should have 20 plus stalks has 4 
stalks, yet in 4 other spots it is blooming as usual with 1/2 dozen 
stalks each and nearly normal height.

	I fail to see a pattern, other than that these will bloom if 
they MUST regardless of rain and heat as long as the time comes 
around. I seriously doubt I'll see anything much  later than this 
unless we do get some good soaking rain, cooler temps and perhaps 
some L. radiata will show up in a month or so.

	Right now the garden is essentially at a stand still. Too 
hot, too dry for too long and our patience is wearing thin.

		best		Jim W.
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