Free moraea corms

Pacific Rim
Fri, 21 Sep 2007 22:21:37 PDT
Hello, Bob.

May I first urge you to share as many of your treasures as possible with 
Diana Chapman. You surely know her.

I am a grower of special bulbs but I am in rainy zone 6 in BC, north of you, 
and would have to shelter your Moraea in a greenhouse, at least till I got a 
sense of how to adjust their drainage. For what it's worth, I grow many 
Calochortus outdoors, in the rain, in sand. I shelter them only when they 
are about to bloom, because their floral tissues are so easily damaged, as 
are those of Crocus, Colchicum and the like.

I can think of a number of private collectors who will speak up. Perhaps you 
will favor them.

Nonetheless, after Diana, despite my different climate I am a reasonable 
candidate to receive starts of your plants because I have a good record of 
conserving stocks, whether or not I sell them. So many growers drop a stock 
when it can't earn its keep. I have all kinds of refugees in my beds, 
garden, greenhouse. Many have been dropped by the people I got them from. 

You can see my website at . I am just north of the border 
with WA.

This year we are basically not selling, just growing and planting because my 
father is not well. My mother is 80, he is 90. I am 59 and have at least a 
couple of decades of feisty growing ahead of me.

With best wishes,

Paige Woodward

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> To all,  I fell in love with winter growing moraeas 19 years ago, first 
> with the peacock moreas, then with the fugacious ones which I love even 
> more.I have been faithful, well pretty faithful except with some dalliance 
> with gladiolas, daubenyas, calochorti and a few other charmers. I grow 30+ 
> moraeas. However, I am 76 yrs. old and it is time to pass some moraeas on 
> to younger, equally passionate and faithful moraea lovers, preferably in a 
> warm to hot mediteranean climate in the U.S. If there are any out there, 
> please let me know privately on my Email. I will be gone for 2 weeks. It 
> is not too late to plant them. I will have seed and some other material 
> for our regular PBS exchange later. Bob Werra in inland No. Calif.
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