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Considering the importance of the phytosanitary issue , and the likelihood 
of it continuing--why don't we start considering phytosanitary issues and 
delays as being "on-topic"?. Apparently there is a new set of standards 
being considered for international uniformity which derives its concerns not 
only from terrorist concerns, but from anxiety and concern  about 
genetically engineered seeds and plants, which might be used as vehicles for 
terrorist goals. being issued by the Secretariat of the International Plant 
Proection Convention , Food and Agriculture Organizationn  of the U.N.. 
Jacques Diouf, Director-General.

  For example, there is current research on transgenic corn which would 
carry a gene to protect against E.coli  just as a result of eating it, and 
another line of research which would protect against HIV infection. (Chicago 
Tribune Magazine Section, September 9, 2007) .  Most of you are probably 
already aware of the transgenic corn  pollen which destroyed thousands of 
Monarch Butterflies.

Given this, what is to keep a bio-terrorist from using  similar methods to 
infect or destroy a population of  people?  Without answering the questions 
implied here, the issue of how one guards against this  bio-terrorist 
eventuality  by developing and writing regulations for the inspection and 
transport of seed between countries becomes an enormous task.  Relevant 
questions for governments are: What kind of inspection is even possible? 
What kinds of quarantines are facing us in the future?

I think that much of the present concern we're seeing is motivated in part 
by some of the above issues.  So, growing decorative plants from seed from 
other places may become much more restrictive in the near future, and 
perhaps for a long time.

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