Cardwell Lily

Sun, 30 Sep 2007 14:37:35 PDT
Last year I acquired 3 bulbs for Proiphys (Eurycles) amboinensis (Cardwell
I potted them up, but they never bloomed for me.  This year 2 sent up
leaves, one did not but appears to be in good shape.  2 rotted.  There are
not a ton of roots on any of them.
I have found very little information on these other than the fact that they
require a winter dormancy and shade.
I live in hardiness zone 8b (heat zone 9) on the GA/FL border.  Winters are
short but have occasional hard freezes.  Summers are very, very hot.  We are
officially in drought conditions but have had quite a bit of rain in the
last month, and when it rains it rains HARD.
I would appreciate any available info on native habitat, how deep to plant,
fast/slow draining soil, rich/lean soil, PH requirements, fertilization,
Thank you!
Erin Grace
Thomasville, GA



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