Spring Bulb Misc & hello

Nancy Ellis ellis@onlinenw.com
Mon, 28 Apr 2008 12:20:20 PDT
Hello all-
	I'm new to this list and have not yet explored the archives  
thoroughly so if I'm asking for info already posted, please forgive  
my impatience to learn...
	I do not grow many Iris other than Siberians and Reticulatas and I.  
unguicularis (spelling ?)  - oh, and some Tall Bearded that came w/  
our property-  and thus I've no experience w/  Aril and Onco Iris but  
have thought perhaps I'd one day try them.
Now that I've read Rick's post (below) I've decided not to risk the  
'wet dishrag' - sigh-
  is there a sort that would do well w/out special care in my  
climate? Which is wet winter/ dry summer, Zone 8, sun/shade.
	And to introduce myself a bit: East Coast transplant here for 17  
years with a main passion for Narcissus species and hybrids and a  
love for bulbs in general. No professional horticultural or botanical  
training although my love of plants did take me into part-time work  
in a specialty nursery where the emphasis is on perennials/shrubs/ 
vines. 99% of our plants are propagated by ourselves and after 5  
years I've absorbed quite a bit of hands-on experience of the nursery  
business. The bulbs we sell are not unusual. One owner grows special  
things for his own enjoyment and of course I egg him on...mainly by  
sowing all the seeds from all the bulbs. My own garden has suffered  
sadly in the past year from neglect caused by a long bout of  
tendinitis. I find container growing easier but will not give up on  
planting Narcissus in the ground. I began making hybrid Narcissus  
crosses about 5 yrs ago. I love all the species and have planted J&J  
seeds several times. I wonder why it is that species bulbs are not  
made more available to the gardening public- perhaps one of you has  
the answer! (I do not mean wild collected; I mean garden/nursery grown)
	End of my short bio--

Nancy Ellis
---summer watering is just not on my chore list but if the plant  
demands it,  I'll consider it....
Willamette Valley
Dayton, Oregon

On 28 Apr  08, at 9:21 AM, Clayton3120 wrote:

Like you said, location, location, location.
Arums  in my garden(Seattle) have  become a weed, even the selected  
people pay big $$$$ for. They apparently like our wet climate with dry
As for Aril  and Onco Iris, they look like  a wet dishrag going thru  
and barely survive. It just gets too wet here.
My greenhouse and tunnels  are overflowing with other goodies to be
coddling these spring flash-in- the pan  beauties, so will admire the  
you all send in.
Happy Spring.

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