Including the entire message, was pbs list formatting

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 29 Apr 2008 22:25:36 PDT
Dear Leo,

How many times the digest is sent out each day depends on how many messages 
are sent each day and how long they are. A new one is triggered when a size 
threshold is reached. The size was set long ago when someone on this list 
who had limited storage space requested that it not get too big because 
then the messages were truncated and the last ones were left out. When most 
people include the previous message in their messages as a great number of 
people did today, extra digests are sent out since the size that is 
triggered is reached rather rapidly. And when someone responds to the 
digest by including the whole digest as someone did today, another digest 
is triggered immediately.

Most days there is only one digest. I can increase the size before a digest 
is triggered, but I need to hear from some of the digest subscribers first 
to make sure this will work for everyone. Please send me feedback 
privately, not via the list. The best way to limit the number of digests is 
for people to stop including all of the previous message in their replies. 
But I know no way to get people to do that.

Mary Sue

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