"The Bulb Garden" - This issue is all about Cyclamen!

Marguerite English meenglis@meenglis.cts.com
Wed, 23 Apr 2008 11:47:33 PDT
    Our PBS newsletter, 'The Bulb Garden',  is almost in the mail!   The 
PBS board has decided to send this Spring issue to all folks who dropped 
memberships during 2006 and 2007, as well as to all current members.   
This is only happening for the current issue.   Mailing to international 
members is scheduled for today;  to U.S. members for Friday.   If you 
don't receive your newsletter by late next week, email me privately.   
Please send topic suggestions and let me know which articles you like, 
don't like, want to see more of...

   Starting in July, we will mail the newsletter only to current 
members.   If you wish to receive future issues, please check the web 
site for membership details or email Pat Colville, our membership 
chairperson:  Pat.Colville@JHResearchUSA.com
    Publication has not been as regular as we wanted, because there have 
been no volunteers with time to edit and distribute quarterly issues.  
Recently I returned  as editor and Arnold Tractenberg volunteered to 
handle distribution.    My thanks to Cathy Craig who did a great job 
during my absence.  I don't know how she published any issues while 
running a demanding business and handling presidential duties.  Cathy 
still consults on the editorial staff.  I am happy to be back 'on my old 
job' and my goal is to publish quarterly, as we did when PBS first 
started.    Meeting that goal depends on receiving articles written by 
folks who know about growing bulbs in gardens.  

    If you would write an article (see possible topics below) or 
volunteer, *please get in touch with me*.   At some time in the future, 
I will be writing to many of you to request articles.    Please consider 
saying 'yes' because members will enjoy reading about *your* garden or 
collection.   Any related topic is of interest to all of us.    Articles 
of any length are welcome.  A few digital photos will add  appeal.    
Are there benefits to you for writing?    You bet!    First, there is 
the enjoyment of writing about a topic you love.   Secondly, an article 
provides free advertising for those of you who sell your plants.  Our 
readers love to order specialty geophytes.   Finally, the board is 
experimenting with the payment of a small stipend for some articles. 


 Topics of interest   (suggested 200-800 words for most topics):
     Specific genus: culture, distribution, examples that you grow  
                A visit to a special garden  (public or private)
     A planted group/design of bulbs and their companion 
plants                   Use of special tools, frames, greenhouse setups
     Anecdotes about special gardeners (famous or not)                  
             Gardening ideas for your locale
     Geophytes in your rock garden, raised beds, troughs, etc.          
            Anecdote about a special plant
     Anecdote about a bird/insect/animal visitor to your 
garden                      A spectacular container experiment

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