Edgar Kline -- info, please

Robin Hansen hansennursery@coosnet.com
Mon, 21 Apr 2008 20:04:53 PDT
Edgar Kline was still running the nursery when I was going to hort school.  He sold the nursery to my good friend, Phil Parker.  Phil ran it for a few years, but his family grew by four children and he now works for O'Loughlin Trade Shows in Portland putting on their Spring and Fall Plant Shows at the Portland Expo Center.

Phil still has some stock from the nursery which was sold to developers shortly after Edgar's death.  He was able to rescue quite a bit.

Mr. Kline had a catalog for many years, (I think I have a copy of one), and no, he was not related to Boyd.  He had a lot of bulbs and cyclamen and sold cyclamen seed, which is where I purchased my first seed that became the foundation plantings at my nursery.

I have a copy of his obituary from the Oregonian; I know that he was well-known and received mention in various periodicals from time to time.

If you're interested in more information, let me know privately (or publicly, if others are interested) and I will do my best.

Robin Hansen
Hansen Nursery

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