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Sun, 27 Apr 2008 11:37:10 PDT
Your photo depicts Stenomesson chloranthum. It was described a few years ago
by Alan Meerow and Henk van der Werff (as a Stenomesson) and was only placed
in Pucara provisionally. Pucara differs from Stenomesson by its pollen in
tetrads as I recall. It is formally "lumped" into Stenomesson now as this is
not enough of a difference to maintain it as a separate genus. No doubt
molecular investigations support this view also. So P. leucantha is now S.
leucanthum. Too bad for us collectors such an evocative name had to go away.

Dylan Hannon
Dylan Hannon Rare Bulbs

On 4/27/08, Telos Rare Bulbs <telosrarebulbs@suddenlink.net> wrote:
> I posted a picture on my blog of a Pucara that I have down as being a new
> species, undescribed as yet.  Can anyone tell me anything about Pucara?
> Blog is:  http://www.thebulbmaven.typepad.com/.
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