ref Bulbous Genus 'BRODIAEA' in Alliaceae

Mark Mazer
Sun, 13 Apr 2008 06:30:44 PDT
>Blue Dicks, which we now call Dichelostemma capitatum but which in the past
>has been called Brodiaea capitata and B. pulchella, is in bloom now in my
>protected cold frame (which might as well be the open ground this year - it
>has not been closed in months). This is a favorite. 

Hi Jim:

D. capitatum has been hardy here out in the garden. In the GH, it bloomed for well over three months (and set some seed), starting in mid November. I put a few in a pot to bring to the sale table at the local NARGS meeting in Raleigh this coming weekend. Tom Stuart, a friend from up north, is speaking about rockery ferns, so I'm making the trek.

Brodiaea stellaris is now in bloom, a favorite.

In my experience, Brodiaea require no special treatment.  Well drained mix (Bio-comp with extra perlite or Pro-mix with extra perlite or sand), dry from late spring till mid September in the frost free GH with a piece of twiggy "pea brush" stuck in the pot for support.


Mark Mazer
Hertford, North Carolina  USA
Zone 7b-8

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