Herbertia issues

Deborah Jordan djordan68@comcast.net
Tue, 08 Apr 2008 10:45:26 PDT
I went through the main library at A & M and they have all the back issues beyond 2003 (there are none newer--IBS is 4 years behind in publishing them). I can easily have any article sent in pdf format--just takes them 2-3 weeks. Once a student had an issue checked out (they have 2 issues combined into one hardbound cover on most of these) and it took until the student returned the issue.

I haven't found it hard to get any scientific type paper I've needed for research--you just have to be nice, patient, and persistant. There is also a university out of Washington state (the name eludes me at the moment) that was also very easy to get pdf copies through email from also. They were really helpful for some obscure stuff on JSTAR. Sending the librarian a thank you card afterward helps too, for the future.

Houston, Texas

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