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Sun, 20 Apr 2008 10:19:51 PDT
Dear Iain:

Hummingbirds are not that particular about what they feed on, as long as 
there is nectar present.  In my region, hummingbirds are abundant, as are 
various lilies:  L. kellogii, L. maritimum, L. occidentale, L. rubescens; L. 
pardalinum, L. bolanderi, L. columbianum, L. vollmeri and L. washingtonianum 
(not many of these).  I have seen hummingbird activity on L. kelloggii and 
L. columbianum, but I'd be amazed if they didn't feed on all of them.

Telos Rare Bulbs

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> Could anyone tell me if they are aware of any non insect pollinators 
> amongst Liliaceous genera and species? For example do any of the New World 
> Humming birds have any observations of their feeding behavour been 
> recorded as visiting e.g. Lilium species?
> Sorry to be the thinker of off the wall questions, however the means by 
> which, and by whom, Lilies are pollenated is something I am investigating 
> for my book on Lilies and their Allies, especially in relation to 
> different flower types. Obviously the prime pollinators of Lilies must be 
> insects in the main. In the Old World there are no Hummingbirds, nor any 
> other avian analogues but while readily admitting I haven't a clue about 
> the feeding activities of hummingbirds it occured to me that perhaps there 
> might possibly be one or more specialist Hummingbird species which did in 
> part feed from Lilies. Any input would be enormously appreciated please.
> Iain
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