Juno and Aril Irises

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Mon, 28 Apr 2008 01:39:13 PDT

Junos make up about 1/4 of all iris species, but few people 
grow even half dozen forms. Mine are mostly finishing up. I can 
recommend Jane McGary as a source for the easy and beautiful 
'Sindpers' hybrid and I magnifica grows readily in most garden soils. 
Same for I bucharica and others.

    You should be able to grow at least some of them very easily 
in Mediterranean climates.

Hi Lee, Hi Jim,

In my meditteranean climate, am growing only a limited number of Juno species but several clones of each : Iris bucharica (4 clones), I. aucheri (2 clones) and I. danfordiae (2 clones)... I have plans to introduce more species in a new raised bed I am bulding new fall...

I have had no problems of any kind with those three species. I grow them in a highly drained soil and keep them almost dry all over summer (June to August). They are less sensitive to summer moisture than the Oncocyclus but neverthe less don't like much water in summer.

One thing?that was?forgoten to mention about Oncocyclus is that they are very sensitive to viruses... and any type including the ones carried out naturally by the bearbed Irises (and harmless to them)...?Once infected?the Oncocyclus might pass?the viruses to the?Junos... So be very carefull with what species you mix and how you mix them in your Irises beds... I am working out the litterature about the Oncocyclus and will decide in the future which ones I shall try...

I already have received a I. bismarkiana from a friend - raised from seeds - it never bloomed for me yet and therefore I could not check the ID... It is clearly an Oncocyclus but not sure of the species...

Hope it helps,


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