ref Bulbous Genus 'BRODIAEA' in Alliaceae

Iain Brodie of Falsyde
Sat, 12 Apr 2008 14:32:03 PDT
I have an unusual request but relevant I suppose to this forum, hopefully !

Would anyone know after which Brodie, gentleman or lady, the bulbous Genus Brodiaea was named please?

Wearing my non botanical and horticultural hat I am the hereditary keeper of the genealogy and history for those people of Scots ancestry named Brodie, or the several linked spelling derivatives, and due to the kindness of a Scots American gentleman whose family have lived in the USA for several generations but visiting Auchgourish Botanic Garden here last summer he kindly sent me seed of a range of Californian bulbous plants all of which have this past week decided to risk sticking their heads up in their respective seed pots despite Saturday [today] being the first day it hasn't snowed over night for nearly a month.

Any tips on the care for Brodiae bulbs as seedlings and flowering stage would be of great help please. Do they "do" acid soils or need higher pH's than that. Moisture requirements, anything please such as temperature tolerances = USDA Zones which we roughly understand on this side of the pond. It would be profoundly ironic for a Brodie to bump off plants bearing our name. The two species which have germinated are B.B. coronaria & elegans. If I can keep them going I will try some others another year. I understand that some B. species have been re-assigned to another Genus, does anyone know which?

We have around 60 to 80 cms of accummulated snow which has slid down the sides of our polytunnel [hoophouse] in which the above seedlings, et al have germinated, they are safe from snow cover and effects of severe frost as too are the Frits and Lilium, etc but how much cold can they take and for how long ? Nobody I know of in Scotland has attempted species of this genus.

Regards,  Iain

Iain Brodie of Falsyde
Auchgourish Botanic Garden
Inverness-shire. Scotland.

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