Introducing myself

andy houghton
Sun, 06 Apr 2008 12:56:06 PDT
Hello Everyone.

My name is Andy Houghton from Evesham in the UK. I have been growing plants
for as long as I can remember. My interest only took off about 7 years ago
when I changed jobs, and gained a job at a rare plant nursery near here. I
then became interested in growing bulbs. Unfortunately the job lasted 3
years, and Im back growing millions of bedding plants for a living, but my
interest in growing bulbs has become a passion bordering on an obsession.
Luckily I have an understanding family, who forgive my obsession.

My main interest is in all amaryllids, so much so that I have recently
become the National Collection holder of Hippeastrum Hybrids here in the UK.
I have also just taken over Dave Fenwick's Amaryllis belladonna collection.
I am also growing plenty of other bulbs from different genera ie Arisaema,
Brunsvigia, Boophone, Haemanthus,Rhodophiala and  Bearded Iris. Ive also
recently started to plan a dahlia garden on the allotment we have. I don't
think my wife will be too impressed when she sees how many Dahlias I'm
planning on planting! 

My main reason for joining this list is for information. I am trying to find
info about Les Hannibal and his breeding work with Amaryllis. Ive got a good
range of hybrids that formed a large proportion of Dave's collection. I'm
just trying to find more info about these hybrids, where they ended up etc.
If anyone has any information they would like to share, I would be most

The second request is for information about Fred Meyer. There are a lot of
Hippeastrum hybrids that he bred, but I don't think there is a comprehensive
list of which hybrids he bred, what they looked like, where they ended up
and where they are now. I would like to maybe have part of the collection
devoted to Fred Meyer hybrids, so any information out there would also be
gratefully received.

I hope you are all well

Many thanks for reading this


Andy Houghton

In a cold wet Evesham, threatening to snow again tonight !

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