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Lee Poulsen wpoulsen@pacbell.net
Sat, 26 Apr 2008 22:20:13 PDT
And is there a similar website and/or organization out there about Junos?

--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena, California, USDA Zone 10a

James Waddick wrote:
>> What are their special care needs?
>>                                Thanks, Marguerite
>> James Waddick wrote:
>> 	Aril-bred and oncocyclus iris ... do take some special care.
> Dear Marguerite,
> 	Glad you asked.
> 	First they are mix of species and hybrids. Some breeders have 
> produced plants that have some of the flower colors and patterns of 
> the wild species, but are bred with regular (tall bearded or German ) 
> iris. Trouble is they are as easy as the garden types, but do not 
> nearly express the beauty of the original. Just a bit or preparation 
> is needed.
> 	They DEMAND good drainage and full sun. They prefer totally 
> dry/baking summers, but can tolerate some wetness.
> 	I grow all mine outdoors year round in a raised wall bed. We 
> get summer storms. In very wet climates some growers cover the beds 
> with glass or plastic panels to increase baking and some even dig the 
> iris and store dry in a shady garage or shed. More details at the web 
> site of the Aril Society Int. 
> (http://www.arilsociety.org/arilsociety.pl?index).
> 	Although mine grow in garden clay, they are on top of rocks 
> and rubble that increases the overall drainage.
> 	The more pure species (either subgenus Oncocyclus or Regelia) 
> the more they restricted they are in their needs, but many 50/50 
> hybrids  and 3/4 aril hybrids do very well here. The best show the 
> following aril characters:
> 	1	The aril 'Spot' - a large deep black or dark signal 
> in the middle of the fall
> 	2	The aril shape with elongate upright standards and 
> curled pendant falls
> 	3	Exotic veins and streak in all parts of the flowers
> 	4	Unusual colors and combinations
> 	5	Extremely rich colors
> 	6	Some have large hairy beards.
> 	The aril society also has a gallery. Click on any thumbnail 
> for larger views. Once seen to their advantage, many are taken on 
> first view. I think  you can see    More pix at John Lonsdale's 
> garden (http://www.edgewoodgardens.net/) I think.
> 		Enjoy.		Jim W.

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