Ornithogalum help.

Kelly Irvin kellso@irvincentral.com
Thu, 24 Apr 2008 04:02:54 PDT

My O. nutans is just now finishing. It's in a pot which was overwintered 
on top of the ground but covered with mulch, sort of a high altitude 
"plunge". I'd say all my blooms were about an inch, not two. Height's 
about right.

Mr. Kelly M. Irvin
10850 Hodge Ln
Gravette, AR 72736
USDA Cold Hardiness Zone 6a/b


James Waddick wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> 	A few years ago I was given some bulbs by an elderly 
> friend-now around 95 yo. I thought they might be Roman Hyacinths or 
> similar, but after 2 years of settling they have begun to bloom and 
> are clearly some Ornithogalum.  I am too familiar with O. umbellatum 
> to consider this as an ID and I grow O. ponticum which will bloom 
> later.
> 	Although this is a late season, what other Ornithogalum would 
> be blooming now - early to mid April. I think the spikes of white 
> flowers (with pale green back-of-petals) will reach over 1 foot, but 
> they are just starting to bloom now. Individual flowers may approach 
> 1 1/2 to 2 in in diameter.
> 	I checked the wiki pix for comparison, but nothing seemed real close.
> 	And they are hardy in Zone 5.
> 	A pleasant surprise, but what is it?
> 		Many thanks.		Jim W.

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