More mystery bulbs

Crawford Neil
Mon, 07 Apr 2008 03:34:13 PDT
Please go and have a look on our flickr site
and help with ids if possible, we're really struggling with 
some of them. Succulents are very difficult, I know it's the 
wrong forum, but feel free to put a comment on any of our mysteries
on flickr. We also have a couple of bulbs that we're not sure of,
we saw these on the Swartberg pass, and the Montagu pass in the 
Western cape ,

This one we feel fairly confident of, but we'd love a confirmation.
Tritoniopsis ramosa var.unguiculata…

And this one, we're not even sure it's a Watsonia, but it's the only
one in our field guides that's close:

Watsonia galpinii?………

The leaves were about 40cm and narrow, the plant was also about 40cm
and it was flowering in February.
Best regards, and thanks for any possible help.

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