Mystery Massonia

Rhoda and Cameron McMaster
Sun, 20 Apr 2008 11:24:43 PDT
In response to the last batch of corespondence on the Mystery Massonia

John Grimshaw and I have seen the same plant at the same time of the year above Tiffendell near Ben MacDui.  I was just fortunate to see it in flower, and have forwarded pictures for posting.

Massonia hirsutus is no longer recognised as a species.  It is not listed in the latest checklist of Plants of Southern Africa (2003) edited by G Germishuizen and Meyer.  Only six Massonia species are listed in this checklist:

M. depressa, M echinata, M. jasminiflora, M. pustulata,  M pygmaea (two sub-species) and M. sessiliflora

I believe all these are winter growing species.

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