Iain Brodie of Falsyde
Sat, 19 Apr 2008 14:04:59 PDT
Could anyone tell me if they are aware of any non insect pollinators amongst Liliaceous genera and species? For example do any of the New World Humming birds have any observations of their feeding behavour been recorded as visiting e.g. Lilium species?

Sorry to be the thinker of off the wall questions, however the means by which, and by whom, Lilies are pollenated is something I am investigating for my book on Lilies and their Allies, especially in relation to different flower types. Obviously the prime pollinators of Lilies must be insects in the main. In the Old World there are no Hummingbirds, nor any other avian analogues but while readily admitting I haven't a clue about the feeding activities of hummingbirds it occured to me that perhaps there might possibly be one or more specialist Hummingbird species which did in part feed from Lilies. Any input would be enormously appreciated please.


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