ref Bulbous Genus 'BRODIAEA' in Alliaceae

J.E. Shields
Sat, 12 Apr 2008 15:17:21 PDT
Hi Iain and all,

I grow a couple species of Brodiaea outdoors in a raised bed rock garden 
here in USDA zone 5, central Indiana.  The weather is better here at the 
moment than yours is, but I'll still defer going outdoors to hunt for the 
appropriate markers until the wind and rain go away, if you don't mind.  I 
think they are B. californica and B. coronaria, but I need to check.

They seem to have been hardy year round outdoors, at least so far.  They 
grow in summer and disappear below ground in winter.

I've been growing B. pallida  inside my cool greenhouse, since it wants to 
grow in winter.  If I put some of the pallida outdoors, they might very 
well decide they wanted to grow in summer.

Best regards,

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