Tigridia species

Deborah Jordan djordan68@comcast.net
Sun, 27 Apr 2008 20:06:58 PDT
I have a couple of questions about some Tigridia's from seed. I read the info and prior TOW posting from the WIKI--and read Howard--but still am curious here. Any with opinions?  ;)


First, Tigridia chiapensis. I have some very robust 4 month old seedlings; would it be unreasonable to expect bloom in one year from these since it's a small species? The cynic in me wants to hold back from excitement here.


Second, T vanhoutti--I know these are tall, 3rd year bloom on this one? Also high altitude Central America usually translates to dry winter for me and semi-shady in the humid inferno of a Houston July-Sept. Am I correct here?


I can usually make Mexican, Central, and South American bulb species work out pretty well for me--I sort of use the same guidelines I use in growing Central American mountainous species of Scutellaria's which I have been growing for many years. Am I on the right path?



Houston, TX

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